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Try It—You Might Like It!

Not sure if wrestling is the sport for your child? Do you live in or near Conway, Arkansas? Come out to any of our upcoming practices and give it a shot! Your first practice is free; only a waiver is required to participate. There is more to wrestling than many realize, it is a sport that helps to build endurance of the body as well as the mind. We look forward to having you here! The Conway Youth Wrestling Club is open to all children ages 5 to 14.

Registration Fees & Associated Costs

CYWC Registration Fees

Each season has a registration fee, which can be paid in full at the time of registration or billed on a monthly basis. Registration fees can be paid via cash, check, or Venmo. Checks should be written out to Conway Youth Wrestling Club and are subject to a $25 returned check fee.

Joining late? No worries, we pro-rate our season’s rates, so you aren’t paying for practices your child hasn’t attended!

For more information, please contact Coach Chad Hoover by phone (209) 818-6086 or email


Participating in a tournament is a separate cost and is usually around $20-30 per entry/per tournament (sometimes more for larger events) and is paid directly to the tournament. View the Tournament & Events Calendar Here.

Participating in a tournament requires an active USA Wrestling Card, which is an additional fee. USA Wrestling Cards must be renewed annually. You can register and pay for your USA Wrestling Card here:


For practice, students only need to wear athletic clothing or comfortable clothing for wrestling. Jewelry should be removed prior to practice.

Each student will also need to purchase a wrestling singlet if they will be participating in any tournaments; select tournaments may require headgear, wrestling shoes, and/or mouthguards. If you have any questions regarding supplies, please talk to one of our coaches.

Season Timeframes

The Conway Youth Wrestling Club season focuses on Folkstyle Wrestling.

Folkstyle Wrestling Season
Folkstyle Wrestling runs from October until February. Specific start/end dates vary by year; keep up-to-date by following us on Facebook for news and announcements.

Class Formats

Our club is currently growing, and in the meantime, all youth wrestlers are partnered with another wrestler close to their size and skill level or may be partnered with a coach. Partners are alternated at every practice, and occasionally during the same practice, to further each child’s skill and to avoid complacency by competing against new wrestling partners. Children may be partnered with a wrestler who is slightly above or slightly below their skill level. This enables the less experienced wrestlers to learn new skills while strengthening their foundations and provides the more skilled wrestlers the opportunity to teach—which can help strengthen their knowledge and build muscle memory.

Wrestling Styles

We teach Folkstyle wrestling, a common style of wrestling practiced in high schools, collegiate competitions, and/or Olympic wrestling.

About Folkstyle Wrestling

Folkstyle wrestling is a form of amateur wrestling practiced by colleges, universities, and high schools in the United States. It is the style of wrestling that is most commonly used in the United States at all levels of competition, and it is the only form of wrestling used in the NCAA and in high school. The goal of Folkstyle wrestling is to control and pin your opponent.

Folkstyle wrestling involves various offensive and defensive techniques, such as takedowns, reversals, and escapes. Wrestlers can use clinch holds, throws, and leg attacks to score points. Matches are typically won by the wrestler who scores the most points or pins their opponent.
Folkstyle wrestling consists of three periods in which each wrestler tries to earn points through maneuvers or riding time – when a wrestler is in control or holds top position (is on top of their opponent), one point is often awarded for each minute they maintain this position or to win the match outright by pinning their opponent.

Stay In The Know

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