Wrestling Changes Lives

"Wrestling is a great precursor to success. It sets the course for life, and we want more boys and girls to have that experience, now more than ever."

USA Wrestling has announced a new initiative to promote the sport of wrestling as it is currently the sixth most popular boy’s high school sport and the fastest growing girl’s high school sport. The initiative, called “Let’s Wrestle”, aims to bring the excitement and energy of wrestling to a new generation of fans—and Conway Youth Wrestling Club is here to promote it and spread the excitement to Faulkner County and, hopefully, beyond.
  • "Wrestling changes lives. It teaches you how to respond to challenges in a positive way." 

    —Jeff Waters, Chairman of the U.S. Wrestling Foundation

  • "The process of wrestling instills the values of courage, hard work, perseverance, and humility. These are the building blocks for success in anything." 

    — Mike Moyer, Executive Director of the National Wrestling Coaches Association

  • "The lessons learned in wrestling translate directly to making better choices and better outcomes in life." 

    —Bruce Baumgartner, President of USA Wrestling

The #LetsWrestle campaign features celebrities, NFL players, scientists, NASA astronauts, business leaders, and even IndyCar drivers who attribute part of their success and discipline in their fields to the life skills they learned through wrestling.
USA Wrestling is dedicated to promoting the sport of wrestling and Conway Youth Wrestling Club is proud to support this message. Through the promotion of USA Wrestling’s “Let’s Wrestle” campaign, we hope to bring the energy and excitement of wrestling to a new generation of fans.
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